Crediton, England

Crediton is a town in the narrow vale of the River Creedy, in the district of Mid Devon, in Devon, England. Located about 11 km (7 mi) to the northwest of Exeter, it has a population of around 7,000 people (2012 estimate). More on Crediton The earliest known settlement in Crediton was in the 7th […]


India, or officially the Republic of India, is the biggest country in South Asia. It occupies a huge peninsula that points southwards into the Indian Ocean. The country occupies a total land area of 3,287,240 sq km (1,269,210 sq mi), making it the second biggest country in Asia proper (excluding Russia and Australia). India is […]

Provence Alpes Cote D’Azur, France

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is a region in southeastern France. It is bordered by Rhône-Alpes to the north and Languedoc-Rousillon to the west. To the east is the international border with Italy, to the south the Mediterranean Sea and to the southeast the Ligurian Sea. Often written simply as PACA or referred to simply as Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte […]

Felixstowe, England

Felixstowe is a seaside town on the southeastern coast of Suffolk, England. Facing the North Sea, it is close to the Port of Felixstowe, the largest container port in the United Kingdom. The town has a population of around 30,000 people (2012 estimate). Felixstowe is across the estuary of the River Orwell and the River […]

Lake Constance

Lake Constance (German: Bodensee) is one of the major lakes in Europe. Covering an area of 11,500 sq km, it is the third largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. Lake Constance is bordered by Germany to the north, Switzerland to the south and Austria to the east. Germany has the longest shoreline on Lake Constance […]