Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs is the second biggest town in the Northern Territory. About 1,500 km from both Adelaide and Darwin, it is one of the most remote in Australia. The town has a population of 27,500 (2011 estimate) and is popularly called Alice or the Alice.

More on Alice Springs

Alice Springs is located on the northern side of the MacDonnell Range, at an elevation of about 576 m (1,890 ft). The Todd River, which is usually devoid of water, runs through the town.

Alice Springs experiences a desert climate with extreme variations of temperatures. The hottest month is January, when average high temperature reaches 36.4DEGC (97.5DEGF). Coldest month is July, when the average low drops to 4DEGC (39.2DEGF). Rainfall in Alice Springs is somewhat erratic though generally highest during the warmer months, from December to February.

The first European to set foot in the Alice Springs area was an expedition led by John McDouall Stuart in 1861-62. This led to the first European settlement, built for an Overland Telegraph Line, there ten years later. The telegraph line connects Adelaide to Darwin an onwards to Great Britain.

Modern-day Alice Springs is supported by domestic and international tourism. It even has a 5-star casino, the Lasseter Hotel & Casino. In addition to the tourist attractions, Alice Springs hosts a number of events that draw a stream of tourists.

Visiting Alice Springs, Australia

The only practical way to reach Alice Springs is by flight. There are regular flights connecting it with all the major cities in Australia. Journey by car will take many hours, 17 from Darwin, 18 from Adelaide, and is not something for anyone but the most hardy to contemplate.

1. Adelaide House
2. Alice Springs Desert Park
3. Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Precinct
4. Anzac Hill
5. Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve
6. Devil’s Marbles Conservation Reserve
7. Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve
8. King’s Canyon
9. MacDonnell Ranges
10. Museum of Central Australia
11. National Road Transport Hall of Fame
12. Old Courthouse
13. Old Stuart Town Gaol
14. Tennant Creek
15. The Residency
16. The Women’s Hall of Fame

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