Ancud, Chile

Ancud is a city on the northern part of the island of Chiloé in Chile. It covers 1,252.4 sq km (483.6 sq mi) and has a population of around 45,000 people (2012 estimate). Ancud is in Chiloé Province, in Los Lagos Region. It is in the UTC-4 (summer UTC-3) time zone.

The instruction of King Charles III of Spain to Manuel de Amat y Juniet to strengthen the military position on the north end of Chiloé Island led to the founding of Ancud in 1767. A fort was built here by Brigadier Don Carlos de Beranger y Renaud to prevent the area from falling into the hands of the English.

The coast at Ancud
The coast at Ancud

Beranger served as governor of Chiloé and was instrumental in getting the settlement populated. During the Chilean War of Independence (1810-, Ancud was a Royalist stronghold aligned to Spain, and would remain so until 1826, when Chilean forces defeated the Royalists of Chiloé and annexed the province to the Republic of Chile.

Originally called San Carlos de Chiloé, it was renamed Ancud in 1834. At the same time it was made the capital of Chiloé province – in place of Castro – and given city status. By the early 20th century, the city went into a slow decline culminating with the return of its provincial capital status to Castro.

Visiting Ancud

You can reach Ancud by taking a bus from

Puerto Montt. A ferry carries the bus across to Chiloé Island.

Places of Interest in Ancud

  1. Chepu River
  2. Fort San Antonio
  3. Light Crown
  4. Museum of Ancud
  5. Pinquineras de Puñihuil
  6. Quetalmahue
  7. Sanctuary of the Birds of Ancud

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