Aschaffenburg, Germany

Aschaffenburg is a town in northwestern Bavaria, Germany. Comprising ten districts, Aschaffenburg covers 62.47 sq km (24.12 sq mi) and has a population of 69,000 (2011 estimate). It observes the Central European Time, which is an hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+1), and two hours ahead during Daylight Saving Time in summer. The phone area codes for Aschaffenburg are 06021 and 06028. The city experiences a continental climate with warm dry summers and cold, damp winters.

Aschaffenburg is located in a region known as Bayerisher Untermain, or Bavarian Lower Main. The city straddles the east and west banks of the Main river, about 41 km (25 mi) from Frankfurt. To the west of Aschaffenburg is the smaller Aschaff river, which is a tributary of the Main.

The ten districts of Aschaffenburg are Damm, Gailbach, Leider, Nilkheim, Obernau, Obernauer Kolonie, Österreicher Kolonie, Schweinheim, Stadtmitte and Strietwald. The area has been inhabited as early as the Stone Age. The earliest known people to settle here were the Alamanni tribe.

The town of Aschaffenburg must have been founded as early as AD 989, as it was recorded that a stone bridge across the Main was built there during that year. In 1810, it was merged into the Grand Duchy of Frankfurt, but four years later, transferred to the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Aschaffenburg was bombed by Allied forces during the Second World War. In the post war years it experiences robust growth aided in part by its proximity to Frankfurt.

Visiting Aschaffenburg, Germany

You can take the train from Frankfurt to Aschaffenburg. If coming by road, use Autobahn A3 from Frankfurt.

Places of Interest in Aschaffenburg, Germany

  1. Pompejanum
  2. Schloss Johannisburg

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