Augsburg, Germany

Augsburg is a university town in southwestern Bavaria, Germany. It covers an area of 146.93 (56.73 sq mi) in the region of Swabia, and has a population of 265,000 (2011 estimate). Augsburg observes the Central European Time, which is an hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+1), and two hours ahead during Daylight Saving Time in summer. The phone area code is 0821.

Augsburg is located at the confluence of the Lech and Wertach rivers. The location at the intersection of trades routes made it an important town during the Middle Ages. This help it become the third oldest city in Germany after Neuss and Trier.

Augsburg was founded by the Romans under Drusus and Tiberius in 15 DC. It was originally called Augusta Vindelicorum, in honor of their stepfather Emperor Augustus. It was made the capital of the Roman province of Raetia in AD 120. Since then, it has been attacked by different powers, including the Huns in the 5th century AD, Charlemagne in the 8th century, and by Welf of Bavarian in the 11th century. But each time, Augsburg bounced back and became even more powerful than before.

Augsburg was badly destroyed by Allied bombing during World War II. This is partly due to its strategic location as a military city for the Nazis. After the war, it was occupied by American forces.

Augsburg is the only German city to celebrate its own legal holiday, the Hohes Friedensfest, with falls on 8 August every year. This gives Augsburg more holidays than any other cities or region in Germany.

Visiting Augsburg, Germany

The easiest way to reach Augsburg is to take a bus from Munich Airport. If you are flying in with a budget airline, the nearest airport is the one at Memmingen. From there, you can also catch a bus to Augsburg.

There are train services to Augsburg from the Munich Railway Station. The journey takes about 50 minutes. The fare is €28 with ticket purchased from the vending machines and €30 if bought from the counter. The ticket, called the Bayern-Ticket, allows up to five persons to travel together.

Exploring Augsburg

Augsburg has stret cars that passes through the important parts of the city. Your Bayern-Ticket allows unlimited rides from the day of purchase until 3:00 am the following morning.

Places of Interest in Augsburg, Germany

  1. Church of St Anna
  2. Dom of the Holy Virgin (Mariä Heimsuchung)
  3. Fuggerei-Museum
  4. Maximilianmuseum
  5. Rathaus
  6. Zeughaus

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