Baden Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden is a resort town on the western edge of the Black Forest in Baden-Wüttemberg, Germany. Located at an elevation of 181 m, it covers 140.18 sq km (54.12 sq mi) and has a population of 55,000 (2011 estimate). Baden-Baden is well known throughout Germany as a spa town. Its spa has been in use since Roman times.

More on Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is believed to have been established by the Roman Emperor Hadrian (although we are not exactly sure of the exact date). It was originally known as Aurelia Aquensis. It was renamed Baden in the Middle Ages. It only got the second Baden attached to its name in 1931, to distinguish it from other towns also called Baden, which means “baths”.

Since the 19th century Baden-Baden has been a watering hole for German celebrities. The town is one of the few places in Germany with a casino.

Visiting Baden-Baden, Germany

Apart from driving, the most practical way to reach Baden-Baden is by train. You can catch a train to Baden-Baden from various cities in Germany including

Stuttgart, Munich and Mannheim. If you’re going by road, the main highway to take is Bundesautobahn 5 (BAB 5 or A 5).

Places of Interest in Baden-Baden, Germany

  1. Baden-Baden Casino (Spielbank)
  2. City Museum (Stadtmuseum)
  3. Brahms House (Brahmshaus)
  4. Frieder Burda Museum
  5. Hohenbaden Castle
  6. Lichtental Monastery (Kloster Lichtenthal)
  7. Ruins of the Roman Baths

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