Bath, England

Introducing Bath
Bath Travel Guide helps you prepare for your trip to Bath. I create this page to pool together travel information that will be useful to people who intends to visit Bath on their own. The places of interest in Bath are also listed for your convenience.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath
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About Bath

Bath is a city in the county of Somerset in South West England. It is located about 160km (100 mi) from London and 21km (13 mi) from Bristol.

Bath is said to have been established by the Romans as a spa resort around AD 43, although the hot springs of that area has been know longer than that. During Roman times, it was known as Aquae Sulis. The Romans built their baths at the only hot springs to be found in the United Kingdom.

In AD 973, Edgar was crowned the King of England at the Bath Abbey. The town itself was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth I in 1590. The City of Bath was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It is a major tourist destination in Britain, drawing close to 4 million visitors every year.

Camden Crescent, Bath
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Budget Travel to Bath

By Plane
The nearest airport is the Bristol International Airport, located some 20 miles from Bath. There are public bus services from the airport to the Bristol Temple Meads Station, and from there, take the train to Bath. The whole journey should take an hour outside of rush hour in Bristol, which is from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

By Train
There are regular inter-city train services connecting Bath with Bristol, London, Reading, Southampton, and several other cities. The trains from London leave London Paddington station every 30 minutes for the one-hour-30-minute journey.

By Road
Driving to Bath is not encouraged for the uninitiated due to its many one-way streets and lack of a bypass. As a result, the roads tend to get congested with traffic.

About Bath

Budget Travel to Bath

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