Berry Islands, Bahamas

Berry Islands is a string of islands in Bahamas. It covers 78 sq km (30 sq mi) and comprise thirty islands as well as over a hundred islets or cays. Due to the rich tropical marine life in the shallows, Berry Islands are often called the “Fish Bowl of the Bahamas”.

The population of the Berry Islands stands at around 700 people (2012 estimate), almost all of whom live on the main island, Great Harbour Cay. The exclusivity of the Berry Islands attract the rich, some buying up a whole cay to build their holiday villas. The Berry Islands are said to have a higher concentration of millionaires than any other place in the world.

As with most of the main islands of the Bahamas, the Berry Islands embrace tourism wholeheartedly. It is a destination for big game fishing. The ocean surrounding the islands teem with different game fish including the tuna, grouper, billfish, yellowtail snapper, king mackerel and more. In addition, Berry Islands are popular for snorkelling and scuba diving.

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