Blenio, Switzerland

Blenio is a municipality in the canton of Ticino, in southeastern Switzerland. Located 902 m (2,959 ft) above sea level, it covers 202 sq km (78 sq mi) and has a population of 1,700 people (2012 estimate). The municipality was formed on 22 October 2006 by incorporating the formerly separate municipalities of Aquila, Campo Blenio, Ghirone, Olivone and Torre. Aquila attempted to challenge the merger but was turned down by the Federal Court.

More on Blenio

Blenio comprises a number of formerly separate settlements. The majority was first mentioned in the late 12th and 13th centuries. The municipality of Ghirone once belonged to Aquila until 1853, when the two were separated. Today most of these settlements are farm villages with dairy farming and livestock being the most important part of the economy.

Most of the people in Blenio speak Italian (90.5%) as their mother tongue, with German being the second most common language here (4.1%).

Visiting Blenio

Take the A2 motorway to Biasca, then continue on the country road heading north to reach Blenio.

Sights & Attractions in Blenio

  1. Parish Church of S. Martino
  2. Dangio (village on the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites)
  3. Olivono (village on the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites)

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