Cairo, Outskirts

Cairo Outskirts is a large expanse of desert land surrounding the capital of Egypt. Within this area, you can find the monuments from Egypt’s Old Kingdom, predating the pyramids of Giza. In Memphis, for example, are ruins of a city that was already an important commercial center four thousand years before Cairo appeared on the map.

In the outskirts of Cairo are tombs and what can be described as trial pyramids, prototypes to what was later to be erected in the Giza Plateau. It is also here that you can view the earliest examples of hieroglyphs and visit some of the deepest burial chambers in Egypt.

Statue of Ramses II, Memphis Museum
Author: Daniel Csörföly (public domain)

Located in Wadi Natrun, between the Nile Delta and Cairo, are monastic retreats of early Christians. This was their refuge against persecution under the Romans, and here the early Christians founded a number of monasteries which can still be visited today. Wadi Natrun was also an important place to the ancient Egyptians, for an entirely different reason. It was a major producer of natron, the salt they used for their mummification process.

Although within the outskirts of Cairo is the verdant city of Faiym, a major producer of fruits, flowers and vegetables in the country. It too holds a number of ancient ruins and archaeological sites.

The outskirts of Cairo offers a refreshing break from the city. On this page, I will share with you the places worth checking out.

Sights on the outskirts of Cairo

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