Castiglione Della Pescaia, Italy

Castiglione della Pescaia is a coastal town in the province of Grosseto, in the region of Tuscany, in west central Italy. It covers 208.96 sq km (80.68 sq mi) and has a population of 7,500 people (2012 estimate).

More on Castiglione della Pescaia

Considering its location, the earliest inhabitants on the site of present-day Castiglione della Pescaia are probably Umbrians and Etruscans. They were later replaced by the Romans, who called the settlement Salebrone. The village went into decline during the Medieval times, almost disappearing from history, only to reappear in the 9th century, under its present name.

Visiting Castiglione della Pescaia

From Rome, head north on the coastal A12 motorway until Civitavecchia, then continue on the SS1 highway to Grosseto. From there, take the SP3 route to reach Castiglione della Pescaia.

Places of Interest in Castiglione della Pescaia

  1. Ancient remains in Vetulonia

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