S Chanf, Switzerland

S-chanf (German: Scanfs) is a small village in the Engadine Valley, in Graub√ľnden canton, Switzerland. Situated 1,660 m (5,446 ft) above sea level, it covers 137.9 sq km (53.24 sq km) and has a population of just under 700 people (2011 estimate). More on S-chanf S-chanf is a Romansh name of the village. It is […]

Appenzell, Switzerland

Appenzell is a region in region in northeastern Switzerland. It comprises two half-cantons, Appenzell Ausserrhoden (Outer Rhoden) to the west and Appenzell Innerrhoden (Inner Rhoden) to the east. More on Appenzell Established in the 10th century, Appenzell was originally owned by the Abbey of St Gallen until 1403, when the people of Appenzell rebelled against […]

Sils, Switzerland

Sils im Engadin/Segl is a municipality in the canton of Graub√ľnden, in the eastern part of Switzerland. Located at an elevation of 1,803 m (5,915 ft), it covers 63.57 sq km (24.54 sq mi) and has a population of 750 people (2012 estimate). Sils im Engadin is the German name of the municipality while Segl […]

Muri, Switzerland

Muri is a village in Aargau canton, Switzerland. Created by merging together the villages of Langdorf, Egg, Hasli and Wey, it covers 12.34 sq km (4.76 sq mi) and has a population of 7,000 people (2011 estimate). Visiting Muri The most practical way to reach Muri is by private transport. Sights & Attractions in Muri […]

Lichtensteig, Switzerland

Lichtensteig is a village in St Gallen canton, Switzerland. Situated 625 m (2,051 m) above sea level, it covers 2.82 sq km (1.09 sq mi) and has a population of 1,900 people (2011 estimate). The village is within the constituency of Toggenburg. More on Lichtensteig The people of Lichtensteig mostly speak German (89.6%). Although it […]