Vanuatu is an island nation located on the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. It has a land area totaling 12,190 sq km (4,710 sq mi) and a population of 245,000 (2011 estimate). The country is 1,750 km (1,090 mi) to the northeast of Australia. Its capital and largest city is Port Vila. More on […]

Tikehau , French Polynesia

Tikehau is a coral atoll in French Polynesia. It is part of the Palliser Islands group within the Tuamotu Archipelago. Also called Porutu-kai, it covers 20 sq km (8 sq mi) and has a population of around 500 people (2012 estimate). The name Tikehau means “peaceful landing” in the Tuamotuan language. More on Tikehau The […]

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba (map) is the second largest city in Cuba. Founded by Spanish conquistador Diego Velázquez de la Cuéllar in 1514, Santiago de Cuba today covers 1,023.8 sq km (395.3 sq mi) and has a population of 472,000 (2011 estimate). Visiting Santiago de Cuba You can fly to Santiago de Cuba from Havana. There […]