Hiva Oa, French Polynesia

Hiva Oa is the second largest of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia It is the largest island of the South Marquesas group. It covers an area of 316 sq km and has a population of around 2,000 people (2011 estimate). The main town in Hiva Oa is Atuona, on the southern part of the […]

The Abacos, Bahamas

The Abacos or Abacos Islands is a group of islands in the Bahamas with the main islands being Great Abaco and Little Abaco. The smaller ones are cays, among them Elbow Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana Cay, Castaway Cay, Man-o-War Cay, Walker’s Cay and Moore’s Island. The Abacos have a population of around 13,000 […]

Prince George Wharf, Bahamas

Prince George Wharf is the place where tourists on cruise ships alight upon arrival at Nassau, Bahamas. It looks like a colossal parking lot for ocean liners. Visitors coming ashore here are immediately deposited into the thick of downtown Nassau, with many of the colonial buildings and museums within walking distance. Exclusive for Bahamas As […]

Eleuthera, Bahamas

Eleuthera is a long, narrow island in the Bahamas. Located some 80 km (50 mi) to the east of New Providence, it measures 180 km (110 mi) end to end, but is less than a mile across at some points. The northernmost part of the island is at Spanish Wells while the southernmost part is […]

Moorea , French Polynesia

Moorea is an island of volcanic origin within the Society Islands, in French Polynesia. It is the main island to the immediate west of Tahiti. Moorea covers 137 sq km (51.7 sq mi) and has a population of 16,000 (2011 estimate). More on Moorea Moorea is roughly triangular in shape, and indented on the northern […]