Quito, Ecuador

Quito is the capital and second largest city in Ecuador. Its official name is San Francisco de Quito. The city covers 324 sq km (125 sq mi) and has a population of 1.4 million people, within a metropolitan area of 1.8 million people. Located at an elevation of 2,850 m (9,350 ft) above sea level, […]

Cochamo, Chile

Cochamó is a picturesque Chilean village in Llanquihue Province, Los Lagos Region, Chile. It covers 3,910.8 sq km (1,510 sq mi) and has a population of 4,400 (2011 estimate). Cochamó, Chile http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Calles_Cocham%C3%B3.jpg Pablo Rodríguez Although Cochamó was only established in 1979, the area has seen human habitation going back to the pre-Hispanic times. Cochamó has […]