Cristobal, Panama

Cristo’bal is a port town on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. Since the disestablishment of the Canal Zone, Cristo’bal is now part of the city of Colo’n. Both Cristo’bal and Colo’n are derived from the Spanish translation of Christopher Columbus, the Italian-born explorer.

More on Cristo’bal

In similar fashion to the neighboring towns, Cristo’bal was founded in the mid 19th century when the Panama Railroad was constructed. Cristo’bal was created to expand on the are of the port of Colo’n. The French Inter-Ocean Canal Company used the earth excavated from their canal works to fill the coral reef next to the Panama Railroad area, establishing the French facilities of Christophe Colombe, which was then translated into Spanish as Cristo’bal Colo’n.

Cristo’bal became an important town during the construction of the Panama Canal. The construction material for the canal arrived through here, as well as most of the workers and supplies.

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