Davos, Switzerland

Davos (map; Italian: Tavate, Romansh: Tavau) is a ski resort in Prättigau district, Graubünden canton, Switzerland. It covers 40 sq km (103 sq mi) and has a population of 11,200 (2011 estimate). Located at an elevation of 1,560 m (5,118 ft), it is the highest city in Europe and also the biggest ski resort in Switzerland.

More on Davos

Apart from its major preoccupation as a skiing destination, Davos plays host to the World Economic Forum, which meets there annually. In addition to skiing, Davos is well known for other winter sports such as ice hockey and ice skating. The city base its economy on tourism. It has seven sites listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance.

The warmest month in Davos is June, with average high temperatures of 16.9°C (62.4°F). Coldest month is January, when the average low temperature drops to -9.6°C(14.7°F). August receives the most rain, at 135 mm (5.31 in).

The native of Davos speak a dialect with some resemblance to German, which is also commonly spoken there. The first mention of Davos in history occured in 1213. It was called Tavaus. The city was a health destination in the 18th century, because doctors recommend its fresh air as good for lung ailments. Among those who visited Davos for recuperation included Robert Louis Stevenson, who was suffering from tuberculosis.

Davos began making a name as a winter sports destination towards the end of the 19th century. The Davos Stadium became a popular venue for speed skating. By the 20th century, as recreational travel became popular, Davos began carving a name as a ski destination.

Visiting Davos

Davos is about three hours from Zürich by train. A road trip from Zürich to Davos takes about two hours.

Sights & Attractions in Davos

  1. Kirchner Museum
    Museum exhibiting the works of famous German Expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

  2. Winter Sports Museum
    Museum documenting the history of winter sports, with exhibits of winter sports equipment.

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