Emmental, Switzerland

Emmental is the valley in west-central Switzerland formed by the basins of the River Emme and River Ilfis. The name Emmental means “Emme Valley” in German. This predominantly farming part of Switzerland is renowned for its beautiful landscape.

More on Emmental

The Emmental encompasses the districts of Burgdorf, Trachselwald and Signau, all within the canton of Bern. The area is famous for the production of cheese, particularly Emmental cheese. There is also a cottage industry here making potteries which are highly prized.

The farm houses in Emmental is distinct in that they have steep roofs with large overhangs and almost touch the ground.

Visiting Emmental

The best way to explore the region of Emmental is to go by car. That way you can stop at every village, to enjoy the scenery, perhaps buy home the famous Emmental cheese or Emmental pottery as souvenir.

Sights & Attractions in Emmental

  1. Burgdorf
    Small town on the northern part of Emmental. Its old town is on a hill with a Gothic church and a castle.

  2. Holzbrücke
    The longest arched wooden bridge in Europe, built in 1839. It crosses River Emmer at the village of Hasle-Rüegsau.

  3. Schaukäserei
    Center where you can view how the famous Emmental cheese is made.

  4. Trubschachen
    Village in Emmental famous for its pottery workshops.

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