Esteli, Nicaragua

Esteli’ is a city in western-central Nicaragua. It covers 795.7 sq km (307.2 sq mi) and has a population of 119,000 people (2011 estimate). Esteli’ is the third biggest city in Nicaragua. Located 844 m above sea level, it enjoys a pleasant climate.

More on Esteli’

Esteli’ is today a center for tobacco growing for the production of cigars. Its cigar industry was established by Cuban cigar makers who were refugees following the Cuban Revolution of 1959. They have created award-winning cigars that put Esteli’ on the map of prominent cigar-producing cities of the world.

The high altitude of Esteli’ makes the night quite chilly here. There resulted in the local cuisine being heavy on milk produts such as smoked and spicy cheeses. Other local dishes from Esteli’ include salty-sour repochetas, semi-sweet Gu”irilas and montucas.

Visiting Esteli’

You can reach Esteli’ by bus from Managua. If coming from Honduras, take a bus to Ocotal, and from there, change to another bus for Esteli’.

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