Falmouth, Jamaica

Falmouth is the main town of the parish of Trelawny on the northern coast of Jamaica. Founded in 1769, it is regarded as one of the best-preserved towns of the Georgian era in the Caribbean. The town is located some 18 miles to the east of Montego Bay.

More on Falmouth

Falmouth was founded by Thomas Reid and grew as a trading center when Jamaica was the biggest sugar producing country in the world. It was named after Falmouth in Cornwall, England, the birthplace of the Governor of Jamaica, Sir William Trelawny. Today it stands as a small town with its early Jamaican architecture.

Visiting Falmouth

The most practical way to reach Falmouth is to take a bus from Montego Bay. Alternatively, you may find it even more practical to rent a car and drive there.

Places of Interest in Falmouth

  1. Barrett House
    Former residence of Edward Barrett, one of the founding fathers of Falmouth.

  2. Falmouth Courthouse
    This is a replica built in 2007 as the original built in 1815 was burned down in 1926. It stays faithful to the original design.

  3. Pottery House
    Craft workshop where artisans create potteries.

  4. St Peter’s Anglican Church
    Georgian-style church building erected in the 18th century, and stands today as one of the largest Anglican churches in Jamaica.

  5. Tharp House
    Former residence of John Tharp, one of the richest men in Jamaica.

  6. William Knibb Baptist Church
    Church erected in 1947 and named in honor of the Baptist minister and abolitionist who died in 1845.

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