Hervey Bay, Australia

Hervey Bay is a city on the southeast coast of Queensland, Australia. It is located in a bay facing Fraser Island, about 290 km (180 mi) to the north of Brisbane, the state capital. Hervey Bay has a population of 77,000 people (2012 estimate).

More on Hervey Bay

As with most of the coastal sites in Queensland, Hervey Bay was first sighted by Captain James Cook when he sailed up the east coast of Australia in 1770. He was heading for Bundaberg when he arrived at the bay, and he named it after the 3rd Earl of

Bristol, Augustus John Hervey.

Today the economy of Hervey Bay is supported mainly by tourism. It is the gateway to Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island, and is also a popular spot for whale watching trips.

Visiting Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay can be reached by road from Brisbane, on the National Highway A1 (Bruce Highway). Journey takes about four hours. The city also has an airport that receives flights from Brisbane and Sydney.

Sights & Attractions to visit in Hervey Bay

  1. Fraser Island
    The largest sand island in the world, measing 120 km long and 24 km wide, covering 1840 sq km. It is also the largest island in Queensland and on the East Coast of Australia, and the 6th largest island in the country. The island is protected as the Great Sandy National Park.

  2. Lady Elliot Island
    Southernmost cay of the Great Barrier Reef located 85 km (46 nautical miles, 53 mi) from Bundaberg.

  3. Whale Watching
    Whale watching expeditions can be arranged between April and October, when humpback whales migrate through the area.

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