Huesca, Spain

Huesca is a city in the autonomous community of Aragón, Spain. It covers 161 sq km (62 sq mi) and has a population of just 52,000 people (2012 estimate).

Huesca traces its history to a pre-Roman settlement called Bolskan. When the Romans ruled the area, they called the city Osca. It was made a

municipum by Augustus in 30 BC.

After the decline of the Romans, Huesca went through a period of Muslim rule, during which it was called Wasqah. The city was eventually recaptured by Christians under Peter I of Aragón in 1096. In more recent times, the city was the site of fierce fighting in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.

Modern Huesca becomes particularly busy during the annual Fiesta of San Lorenzo, a festival celebrated annually in August, to commemorate a native of Huesca who was martyred in AD 268. During this fiesta, the inhabitants of the city wear clothing in green and white.

Visiting Huesca

You can go to Huesco by bus from Barcelona and Zaragoza. Check the bus company website,

Places of Interest in Huesca

  1. Cathedral of Huesca
  2. Ermita de las Mártires
  3. Ermita de Loreto
  4. Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Salas
  5. Ermita de San Jorge
  6. Ermita de Santa Lucía
  7. Iglesia de la Compañía San Vicente
  8. Iglesia de San Lorenzo
  9. Iglesia de Santo Domingo
  10. Monastery of San Pedro el Viejo
  11. Ruins of the Monastery-Castle of Montearagón

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