Keetmanshoop, Namibia

Keetmanshoop is a small city in southern Namibia. Located in the Karas region, it has a population of 16,000 people (2011 estimate). The name is Afrikaans for “Keetman’s hope”. It was also known before the colonial era by the indigenous name of ǂNuǂgoaes, which means “black marsh”.

More on Keetmanshoop

The first European to arrive in the Keetmanshoop area was Guilliam Visagie in 1786. A proper town was not established until 1866, when missionary Johann Georg Schröder arrived there. He named the town after trader and benefactor Johann Keetman, who funded the mission but never actually visited the town that bore his name.

Keetmanshoop experiences a desert climate. Annual rainfall is just 152 mm (6 in) Coldest month is July, when average low temperature drops to 6°C. Hottest month is January, when the average high temperature touches 35°C.

Visiting Keetmanshoop

There are buses through Keetmanshoop between Windhoek and South Africa. Alternatively, you can take a shared taxi (called combie).

Places of Interest in Keetmanshoop

  1. Quivertree Forest
    Terrain with quiver trees, a species of the aloe family whose branches are used by bushmen to make quivers.

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