Lichtensteig, Switzerland

Lichtensteig is a village in St Gallen canton, Switzerland. Situated 625 m (2,051 m) above sea level, it covers 2.82 sq km (1.09 sq mi) and has a population of 1,900 people (2011 estimate). The village is within the constituency of Toggenburg.

More on Lichtensteig

The people of Lichtensteig mostly speak German (89.6%). Although it is just a small village, 19% of its population are foreign nationals. Other major languages commonly heard in Lichtensteig include Italian and Serbo-Croatian. Over half the population are Roman Catholics (52%) compared to 29.3% belonging to the Swiss Reformed Church.

Visiting Lichtensteig

Take a train from Z├╝rich to Wil. From there, you may need your own transport.

Sights & Attractions in Lichtensteig

  1. Old Town Council Building
    Building in Lichtensteig listed as a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

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