Marlborough, England

Marlborough is a small market town in Wiltshire, England. Located on the old trunk road that runs from London to Bath, now known as the A4 road or the Old Bath Road, Marlborough is reputed to have the second widest high street in Britain surpassed only by Stockton-on-Tees. It has a population of around 8,500 people (2012 estimate).

More on Marlborough

Human habitation in the Marlborough area goes back to the prehistoric period. According to archaeological studies, earliest signs date from 2400 BC. The discovery of an Iron Age burial bucket in the area confirms the presence of humans during that period. The Romans also left evidence of the presence, including coins at Mildenhall, on the east side of Marlborough.

After the Norman Conquest, William the Conqueror built the motte-and-bailey Marlboroough Castle here in 1067. He also built a mint here, and established the Savernake Forest as a royal hunting ground. Marlborough was granted in 1204 a charter by King John of England to hold an annual eight-day fair.

Marlborough was split between Royalist and Parliamentarian forces during the English Civil War of 1642, with the castle being the stronghold of the King’s men while the Town actively supporting the Parliament. In the end the Royalists under Lord Digby won the skirmish,and one hundred and twenty townsfolk were taken prisoners to


Modern Marlborough is today noted for holding a jazz festival every summer. The Marlborough Mop Fair is held over two Saturdays in October.

Visiting Marlborough

To reach Marlborough, you can take the Old Bath Road (A4) from

London. Alternatively use the M4 motorway heading west till Junction 15, then continue south on the A346 until you arrive in town.

Sights & Attractions to visit in Marlborough

  1. Merchant’s House
    Historic building from the 17th century, once the residence of a wealthy silk merchant.

  2. St Mary’s Church
    The only Anglican parish church in Marlborough that is still in use. The other, St Peter’s Church, has been made redundant.

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