Mayaguana, Bahamas

Mayaguana is the easternmost island of the Bahamas. It is located 560 km south of Nassau and is considered half way between South Florida and Puerto Rico.

The name Mayaguana is said to be of Lucayan origin. It is one of the few islands of the Bahamas that have retained their original native name. It covers 280 sq km and has a population of just around 300 people.

Being a remote island away from the other main islands of the Bahamas, Mayaguana receives very few visitors. This is also partly due to the lack of tourist infrastructure on the island. There are visitors who come here for scuba diving, bonefishing and snorkeling, but on the whole, the island remains largely untouched by mass tourism.

The result of its isolation is that Mayaguana is rich in wildlife. The Bahamian Hutia, a type of rodent that is thought to be extinct, was discovered on Mayaguana in the mid-1960s. The island has other animals and birds including Bartsch’s Iguana and American Flamingoes.

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