Meissen, Germany

Meissen (German orthography: Meißen, Sorbian: Mišno) is a town in Meißen district, in the administrative region of Dresden, in Saxony, Germany. The town covers 31 sq km (12 sq mi) and has a population of 28,000 people (2012 estimate). Meissen is within the eponymous district of Meißen. It straddles the river Elbe and is famous as the home of Meissen porcelain.

Meissen traces its beginnings to a Slavic settlement that was established as a German town in AD 929 by King Henry the Fowler. Protestant Reformation in 1559 led to suppression of the Catholic faith until 1921, when the seat of the Catholic bishopric was re-created.

The availability of high-quality clay enabled Meissen to become a famous manufacturer of fine porcelain. Meissen porcelain was first manufactured in 1710, and was regarded as the best quality porcelain produced outside of the Orient. Today the town continues to produce porcelain along with other ceramics.

How to go to Meissen

You can reach Meissen by train from Dresden. It is located to the northwest of Dresden and can be reached by taking highway 6.

Places of Interest in Meissen

  1. Albrechtburg Castle
  2. Meissen Cathedral
  3. Meissen Frauenkirche

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