Montluçon, France

Montluçon is a town in the district of Allier, in AuvergneFrance. Situated close to the geographic center of metropolitan France, Montluçon is also the biggest town in Allier district. The river Cher flows through town.

Montluçon covers 21 sq km (8 sq mi) in area, and has a population of 39,500 people (2012 estimate).

The history of Montluçon began in the Middle Ages. It was taken by the English in 1171 until the 14th century, when the English was eventually ousted. Montluçon only reverted to French rule in 1529.

During the Second World War, Montluçon was technically within the free zone, but that did not prevent the Nazis from seizing the town and taking over the local Dunlop tire factory.

Today Montluçon is a quiet French town. It has a number of tourist attractions and sights worth visiting.

How to go to Montluçon

The nearest major city to Montluçon is Clermont-Ferrand, some 95 km to the southeast. From there, take the A71 (E11) expressway heading north till interchange with the A714 (E82), then continue southwest on the A714 to reach Montluçon.

Places of Interest in Montluçon

  1. Ancienne chapelle Saint-Louis
  2. Chapelle du sacré cœur
  3. Château des ducs de Bourbon à Montluçon
  4. Église Notre-Dame de Montluçon
  5. Église Saint-Paul
  6. Église Saint-Pierre de Montluçon
  7. Jardin Wilson
  8. Maison des douze apôtres
  9. Monument aux morts de Montluçon
  10. Monument Marz Dormoy
  11. Town Hall

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