Mutare, Zimbabwe

Mutare is a city in the province of Manicaland, on the eastern part of Zimbabwe. With a population of 170,000 people (2012 estimate), it is today the fourth largest city in the country.

More on Mutare

Established in 1897, Mutare was originally called Umtali. It was granted city status in 1971 and renamed Mutare in 1982.

Mutare is just 8 km from the border with

Mozambique, and 290 km from the Mozambican port of just 8 km from the border with MozambiqueBeira. As such, it is the gateway for products coming from the coast into Zimbabwe.

Visitors to Mutare will find most of the tourist sights are within the city, among them the Mutare Museum, the Utopia House Museum and the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Not far outside the city is Murahwa Hill. It is a site of prehistoric rock paintings.

Visiting Mutare

Mutare is to the southeast of

Harare and is connected by the A3 highway. If coming from Beira in Mozambique, take the EN6 highway heading northwest.

Sights & Attractions to visit in Mutare

  1. Mutare Museum
  2. National Gallery of Zimbabwe
  3. Utopia House Museum

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