Ndjamena, Chad

N’Djamena (Arabic: نجامينا) is the capital and largest city in Chad. It is located on the west-central part of the country, on the eastern bank of the River Chari, which flows north into Lake Chad. Situated at an elevation of 298 m (978 ft), N’Djamena has a population approaching a million people (2012 estimate).

More on N’Djamena

N’Djamena was founded in 1900 by French commander Émile Gentil, and was originally called Fort-Lany. It grew into a major trading center in this part of Central Africa. Its name was changed in 1973 to N’Djamena, meaning “place of rest” in Arabic, as part of a program of Africanization.

As with so many cities in Africa, N’Djamena has been rocked by political violence for much of the 20th century. It was severely devastated in the Chadian Civil War of 1979-80 and was occupied by Libya in 1980-81 during the Chadian-Libyan conflict. Since then, the city continued to experience political turmoil every now and then.

Visiting N’Djamena

There are flights to N’Djamena from

Addis Ababa, Bangui, Cotonou, Johannesburg, Khartoum, Lagos, Paris and Tripoli.

Places of Interest in N’Djamena

  1. Chad National Museum
  2. Chari River

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