Passau, Germany

Passau is a city in Lower Bavaria, Germany. It is often known as Dreiflüssestadt, meaning City of Three Rivers, as the Danube is joined by the Inn and Ilz rivers at Passau. The city covers 69.58 sq km (26.86 sq mi) and has a population of 50,600 (2011 estimate). Some 20% of Passau’s population forms the student body of the University of Passau, a renowned institution of higher education specializing in economics, law, theology, computer sciences and cultural studies.

More on Passau

Passau has a history that goes back to Roman times, when it was called Batavis, in reference to a Germanic tribe, the Batavi. A monastery was established here by St Severinus in the 5th century. The city become renowned as a center for producing swords and bladed weapons during the Renaissance and early modern era. Medieval warriors believe Passau swords are imbued with supernatural powers, and the practice of placing magical charms on swords became known as “Passau art”.

Adolf Hitler and his family lived in Passau between 1892 and 1894, and the Nazi leader continued to return to the city to give speeches in the 1920’s. During the Second World War, the city held a subcamp of the infamous Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp.

Today Passau has a well-preserved old town that is a popular tourist destination. Within the city is St Stephan’s Cathedral, home to the world’s biggest cathedral organ. Visitors to Passau can take boat trips on the Danube River to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and its cathedral, the Passauer Stephansdom.

Visiting Passau, Germany

You can reach Passau by train from major cities in Germany. If you are coming by road, Autobahn 3 is the main expressway connecting Passau with the rest of the country.

Places of Interest in Passau, Germany

  1. Altes Rathaus
  2. Neue Bischofsresidenz
  3. Passauer Glasmuseum
  4. Schaiblingsturm
  5. St Stephan’s Cathedral (Dom St Stephan)
  6. Veste Oberhaus
  7. Wallfahrtskirche Mariahilf

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