Praia, Cape Verde

Praia is the capital and largest city in Cape Verde. The city of 128,000 people (2012 estimate) is located on the southern coast of Santiago Island, and serves as the commercial center and main port of the country. It also has one of the four international airports of Cape Verde.

More on Praia

Praia traces its roots to 1615. It developed as a port, albeit with much of the cargo based on smuggling, as ships used it to avoid paying customs fee at the official harbor at then capital, Ribeira Grande. Praia grew at Ribeira Grande’s expanse, and when an increase in pirate attack forced a decline on the trade at Ribeira Grande, most of its inhabitants moved to Praia. In 1779, Praia was made capital in place of Ribeira Grande.

Today Praia is a medium-size city. It is decidedly more cosmopolitan compared to the rest of Cape Verde, which is more conservative and traditional.

Visiting Praia

Praia International Airport (RAI) receives flights from

Dakar, Fogo, Las Palmas, Lisbon, Luanda, Maio, Nice, Sal, São Tomé, and São Vicente.

Places of Interest in Praia

  1. Ethnographic Museum
  2. National Historical Archive
  3. Palace of Culture
  4. Palace of Justice
  5. Praia Cathedral

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