Raiatea , French Polynesia

Raiatea is the second largest of the Society Islands of French Polynesia. It is located to the south of Tahaa and to the southeast of Bora Bora. A garland of coral reef surrounds Raiatea and its sister island Tahaa, with a narrow sea passage between them.

More on Raiatea

Covering 167.7 sq km (64.7 sq mi), Raiatea is the largest of the

Leeward islands. With a population of 12,000 (2011 estimate), it is also the most populous. Unlike Bora Bora, Raiatea has not received as much tourist attention. There is a four star hotel with limited tourist infrastructure. Most of its people still depend on farming for their livelihood. In the sea around Raiatea, pearl farming is a major industry.

Visiting Raiatea

Sights & Attractions in Raiatea

  1. Uturoa
    The main port of Raiatea. Most of the people of Raiatea live here.

  2. Taputapuatea
    A commune on the eastern part of Raiatea. It is named after a large marae (Polynesian sacred site) which is still considered a religious center today. The Taputapuatea marae is a major sight in Raiatea.

  3. Tumaraa
    A commune on the western part of Raiatea.

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