Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital and largest city in Italy. It covers 1,285 sq km (496 sq mi) and has a population of over 2.7 million people (2011 estimate). It is a city on the Tiber River, in the Lazio Region, on the central-western part of the Italian Peninsula.

Capitoline Hill, Rome
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The city of Rome has a history going back 2,700 years. It has been the capital of the Roman Kingdom (753BC-509BC), Roman Republic (508BC-27BC), Roman Empire (27BC-AD476), the seat of the Papacy (since the 1st century AD), the capital of the Papal States (AD752-1870), the Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) and the present Italian Republic (1946-).

Rome is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. It ranks as the 11th most visited city in the world and the 3rd most visited in the European Union in 2007, and is also the top tourist destination in Italy. The Vatican Museums and the Colosseum are among the top tourist attractions in the world, receiving over 4 million visitors each, every year.

Interior of Santa Costanza, Rome
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The city center of Rome is about 19 km from the coast, but it extends all the way to the seaside. The highest point in the city is the peak of Monte Mario, at 139 m (456 ft). The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The hottest months are July and August, when average high temperates reach over 30°C (86°F). January is the coldest month, when the average low drops to 2.7°C (36.9°F). November and December are the wettest months, with precipitations of 129.6mm (5.1 in) and 111mm (4.37 in) respectively.

Going to Rome

By Plane

There are two international airports serving Rome. Both airports may also be identified with the IATA code of ROM.


Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino International Airport (FCO) is the main airport for flag carriers and mainstream airlines. The Leonardy Express train service connects it with Roma Termini, the central railway station. Tickets for the 30-minute ride costs €17 from the Termini news stand. Much cheaper is the Metropolitan train, which doesn’t go to the central railway station, but other stations such as Tiburtina Station, Ostiense Station and Trastevere Station. The price is just €8.
Ciapino International Airport (CIA) is used mostly by low-cost carriers. There is a bus service to the Metro Line A for €1.20.

Piazza Venezia, Rome
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Tourist Areas of Rome

  1. Aventine Hill
  2. Campo de’ Fiori
  3. Capitoline Hill (Capitol)
  4. Caelian Hill (Caracalla)
  5. Esquiline Hill
  6. Janiculum
  7. Lateran
  8. Palatine Hill
  9. Piazza della Rotonda
  10. Piazza di Spagna
  11. Piazza Navona
  12. Quirinal Hill
  13. Roman Forum
  14. Vatican City
  15. Via Veneto

Districts of Rome

  1. Borgo (Rione XIV)
  2. Campitelli (Rione X)
  3. Campo Marzio (Rione IV)
  4. Castro Pretorio (Rione XVIII)
  5. Celio (Rione XIX)
  6. Colonna (Rione III)
  7. Esquilino (Rione XV)
  8. Ludovisi (Rione XVI)
  9. Monti (Rione I)
  10. Parione (Rione VI)
  11. Pigna (Rione IX)
  12. Ponte (Rione V)
  13. Prati (Rione XXII)
  14. Regola (Rione VII)
  15. Ripa (Rione XII)
  16. Sallustiano (Rione XVII)
  17. San Saba (Rione XXI)
  18. Sant’Angelo (Rione XI)
  19. Sant’Eustachio (Rione VIII)
  20. Testaccio (Rione XX)
  21. Trastevere (Rione XIII)
  22. Trevi (Rione II)

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