S Chanf, Switzerland

S-chanf (German: Scanfs) is a small village in the Engadine Valley, in Graubünden canton, Switzerland. Situated 1,660 m (5,446 ft) above sea level, it covers 137.9 sq km (53.24 sq km) and has a population of just under 700 people (2011 estimate).

More on S-chanf

S-chanf is a Romansh name of the village. It is one of the few villages in Switzerland where almost the majority of the people speak Romansh as their mother tongue (51.8%), followed by German (37%). The village was first mentioned in 1137 and was known as Scaneves. It later became Scanevo. It was known in German as Scanfs, a name that remained the official form until 1943, when the Romansh spelling S-chanf was adopted.

S-chanf is one of the entrances to the Swiss National Park. It is also the final destination of the Engadine Ski Marathon. The Swiss Army maintains a base here. It receives a steady stream of visitors coming to enjoy its pristine landscape and scenic views.

Sights & Attractions in S-chanf

  1. La Chapella Hospice
    13th century hospice that was abandoned in the late 18th century and today houses a youth center.

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