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San Marino is a tiny country completely surrounded by Italy. Covering just 61.2 sq km (24 sq mi), it is the smallest country in Europe after the Vatican City and Monaco. It claims to be the world’s oldest republic, having existed since AD 301 as Marinus.

More on San Marino

According to legend, it was founded by a stonecutter, Marinus of Arbe, on 3 September, 301, as the continuation of a monastic community. Its constitution, which dates to 1600, is the world’s oldest still in effect.

Towers of San Marino
Towers of San Marino
Author: Nickel Chromo (public domain)

San Marino is located on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It follows Italy in many aspects, including adopting the Euro as its official currency, and observes the same time zone, the Central European Time, which is an hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+1) and two hours ahead in summer.

The country has a population of about 31,700 (2011 estimate) with its capital also called San Marino. The official language here is Italian. Traffic in San Marino is driven on the right. The phone IDD code is +378. Electricity is 230V/50Hz using European and Italian plugs.

Via Piana in San Marino
Via Piana in San Marino
Author: Pablo Nicolás Taibi Cicaré (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

San Marino has one of the highest GDP per capita. In 2008, its estimated nominal GDP was $1.44 billion, equivalent to a per capita nominal GDP of $44,208. Its per capita GDP at purchasing power parity stood at $35,928. Through an arrangement with the Council of the European Union, it uses the euro as its official currency, although it is not a member of the European Union. It was also granted the right to design its own euro coins, which are a popular collectors item.

The economy of San Marino is based on banking, electronics and ceramics. It also produces wine and cheese. Another source of income is its issuance of postage stamps, which like its euro coins, are a source of tourist interest.

Preparing Money for San Marino

The currency used in San Marino is the Euro (EUR). The following are the latest rates for Euro in the last 24-hours.

Planning your visit to San Marino

San Marino has neither an airport nor a railway station, so the only way to reach it is by road. There are no border control when entering San Marino, and almost all the parking areas offer free parking.

Major Cities in San Marino

  1. San Marino – capital
  2. Faetano
  3. Falciano

Places of Interest in San Marino

  1. San Marino Castle

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in San Marino

  1. San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano (2008)

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