Straubing, Germany

Straubing is a city in the administrative region of Lower Bavaria, on the eastern side of the state of Bavaria, Germany. It is probably best known as the venue of Gäubodenvolksfest. Held annually in August, this is the second largest fair in Bavaria after Munich’s Oktoberfest. Straubing covers 68 sq km (26 sq mi) and has a population of 45,000 people (2012 estimate). The river Danube flows through the city.

Archaeologists have traced human presence in the Straubing area going back to the Neolithic age. The Romans also had a presence here over four hundred years beginning around 14 BC. As Roman authority waned, they were eventually replaced by a local tribe, the Bavarii.

In 1218, the Duke of Bavaria, Louis I Wittelsbach, created a new town center for Straubing. Called New Town (Neustadt), this is the main town center for Straubing today.

How to go to Straubing

The nearest major city from Straubing is Regensburg, located to the west. From Regensburg, take Autobahn 3 heading east until Exit 105 (Kirchroth), then head south on route St2148 to reach Straubing.

Places of Interest in Straubing

  1. Carmelite Monastery
  2. Herzogsschloss Straubing
  3. Ludwigsplatz
  4. Schlossplatz
  5. St Jacob & St Tiburtius Straubing
  6. St Peter, Straubing
  7. St Vitus
  8. Straubing Town Hall
  9. Theresienplatz

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