The Abacos, Bahamas

The Abacos or Abacos Islands is a group of islands in the Bahamas with the main islands being Great Abaco and Little Abaco. The smaller ones are cays, among them Elbow Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana Cay, Castaway Cay, Man-o-War Cay, Walker’s Cay and Moore’s Island.

The Abacos have a population of around 13,000 people (2012 estimate). The main town is Marsh Harbour. Other towns and villages in the Abacos include Coopers Town, Green Turtle Cay, Hope Town, Sandy Point, Spring City and Treasure Cay.

Towns and Islands in the Abacos

Castaway Cay
This is a private island used by Disney for its Disney Cruise Line ships. Formerly called Gorda Cay, it was given a makeover when The Walt Disney Company bought it up. The post office on the island has a special postmark for Castaway Cay.
Coopers Town
This is the northernmost town in the Abacos. It was named after the Cooper family that moved there from Grand Bahama in the 1870s.
Elbow Cay
Resort island with piers for yachts and boat. The main settlement is called Hope Town.
Grand Cay
A small island to the south of Walker’s Cay in the Abacos. Noted for its peaceful atmosphere, the mile-long cay is a tourist destination.
Great Guana Cay
This is a long and narrow islet measuring 14.5 km (9 mi) in length, with pristine coral reefs. Development of a huge resort here has attracted controversy.
Green Turtle Cay
This is one of the out islands of Abacos. Named after the green turtles that inhabit it, Green Turtle Cay measures 4.8 km in length. The main village on the island is called New Plymouth. Green Turtle Cay has a population of less than 500 people. It has excellent beaches with luxurious resorts and boat marinas. When the weather is bad, boats often shelter at Green Turtle Cay.
Man-O-War Cay
A small island measuring just 4 km (2.5 mi) in length.
Marsh Harbour
Main town of the Abacos, with a population of 5,300 people (2012 estimate). It is also the third largest town in the Bahamas and serves as the tourist gateway to the Abacos. Marsh Harbour is on a peninsula off the Great Abaco Highway.

Moore’s Island
A small cay off the main island of Abaco. It is about 11 km (7 mi) long and 5.6 km (3.5 mi) wide. There are two settlements on Moore’s Island, the main town called Hard Bargain, and the village of Bight.
Sandy Point
This is the last village on the southern end of the South Abaco District. It got its name from its lovely sandy beaches. Sandy Point is south of Castaway Cay.
Spring City
A town on the Abacos, to the south of Marsh Harbour.
Treasure Cay
Coastal village on the east coast of the Abacos. The crescent-shaped beach here is excellent, and not crowded with visitors. Treasure Cay also has a five-star golf course.
Walker’s Cay
Island popular for sports fishing and scuba diving. As with many of the cays and islets of the Bahamas, it has crystal clear waters.

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