Tikehau , French Polynesia

Tikehau is a coral atoll in French Polynesia. It is part of the Palliser Islands group within the Tuamotu Archipelago. Also called Porutu-kai, it covers 20 sq km (8 sq mi) and has a population of around 500 people (2012 estimate). The name Tikehau means “peaceful landing” in the Tuamotuan language.

More on Tikehau

The first European to sight Tikehau was Russian explorer Otto von Kotzebue, who named it the Krusenstern Island, in honor of Russian explorer Adam Johann von Krusenstern. According to a study made by Jacques Cousteau’s research team in 1987, the Tikehau lagoon has a greater variety of fish than anywhere else in French Polynesia.

Today Tikehau depends on tourism to support its economy. It has crystal clear waters teeming with marine life and pristine pink sand beaches.

Visiting Tikehau

There are daily flights from Tahiti to Tikehau.

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