Valka, Latvia

Valka is a border town in northern Latvia. It covers 14.36 sq km (5.5 sq mi) and has a population of 6,200 people (2011 estimate). The town is across the border from Valga in Estonia. They were historically a single town split between two countries. With the abolition of the Estonian/Latvian border following the ratification of the Schengen Agreement in 2007, the towns of Valka and Valga once again share common bus transportation network. The merged towns today carry the slogan of “One Two, Two States.”

More on Valka

The town of Valka shares a common history with Valga in Estonia. They were known in German as Walk, and was first mentioned in 1286. It was in Valka that the independent republic of Latvia was first proclaimed, on 15 November, 1918, following the First World War. With the creation of Latvia and Estonia, Valka was divided into two separate towns.

Visiting Valka

There are buses from neighboring Valga as well as from Riga.

Places of Interest in Valka

  1. Culture Park
    Public recreation area. The river Pedele flows through the park between the open-air stage and the spectator area.

  2. St Catherine’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
    One of the main churches in Valka. Its church tower that is used as a viewing tower of the town.

  3. Valka Local History Museum
    A small museum, housed in a former teacher’s seminary, that displays documents related to the history of Valka.

  4. War Cemetery Memorial
    Monument to Soviet soldiers who died in the Second World War.

St Catherine's Lutheran Church, Valka
St Catherine’s Lutheran Church, Valka
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