Welwyn Garden City, England

Welwyn Garden City is a town in the borough of Welwyn Hatfield, in Hertfordshire, England. Founded in 1920, it was the second garden city after Letchworth Garden City. Today the town has a population of around 43,000 people (2012 estimate).

More on Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn Garden City was founded by Sir Ebenezer Howard, who also founded Letchworth Garden City. His idea is to create townships that bring together the best of two worlds, the urban lifestyle and the benefits of country living. He wanted towns that are designed for healthy living surrounded by a rural best.

The creation of Welwyn Garden City goes back to 1919, when Howard bought land in Hertfordshire. The town is planned with tree-lined boulevards. The houses were designed in the Neo-Georgian style. There was much idealism that went into the plan, but not everything to be realize. For example, the plan was for all residents to shop at only one shop, the Welwyn Stores. But this form of monopoly faced opposition, and eventually other shops were allowed to open.

After the Second World War, Welwyn Garden City was one of the towns designated under the New Towns Act 1946 for redevelopment, to house those who lost their homes out in London.

The Times that year compared Welwyn Garden City, which was planned from the start, to Hatfield, which grew without a blueprint, and found that each served the New Towns Act in its own way.

Visiting Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn Garden City is located next to the A1(M) motorway and is reached from Exit 6.

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