Winchcombe, England

Winchcombe is a small town in Tewkesbury district, in the northern part of Gloucestershire, England. It has a population of around 4,200 people (2012 estimate).

More on Winchcombe

Winchcombe traces its history to prehistoric times. Within the town is the Belas Knap Neolithic long barrow which dates to 3000 BC. The town itself may have been established by the Anglo-Saxons. It was one of the principal cities of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia, and is believed to be the burial site of St Kenelm, an Anglo-Saxon saint venerated during medieval times.

Today’s Winchcombe is a small, quiet town with a number of notable buildings.

Visiting Winchcombe

FromĀ London, take the M40 motorway till Exit 8, then continue on the A40 road until you arrive in Cheltenham. From Cheltenham, take the B4632 road heading north until you reach Winchcombe.

Sights & Attractions to visit in Winchcombe

  1. Belas Knap
    Neolithic chambered long barrow on Cleeve Hill near Winchcombe.
  2. Hailes Abbey
    Abbey dating to 1245. It was demolished during the Dissolution of Monasteries in 1536, and today lies in ruins.
  3. St Peter’s Church
    Church in the town center of Winchcombe.
  4. Sudeley Castle
    15th century castle in Winchcombe.


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